MyTVBuddy, the first pan-European Social TV app now available on iPad

Special Launch Edition Covering Eurovision 2011

Today E-ZONE unveiled its iPad app MyTVBuddy. MyTVBuddy brings Social TV to the next level of exploration, interaction, engagement and participation. It lets the user check in to TV programs, watch videos, post messages on Facebook, share Twitter messages, participate to conversations on the internal chat and see where other users are located. MyTVBuddy kicks off with a special launch edition of Eurovision 2011. The iPad app is an initiative of E-ZONE, MobileWeb was in charge of the development.

MyTVBuddy kicks off as the first pan-European Social TV app on iPad

MyTVBuddy comes with a solution for turning TV viewing into a social experience by using mobile devices such as the iPad. According to a study published by Yahoo early this year, TV fans are very active on the mobile front. The report indicated nearly 90 percent of people watching television are using a mobile device at the same time. Be it Twitter, Facebook, email or instant messaging, they are doing more than just watching. However, no one has taken the initiative to start a cross European platform to enable a second screen TV experience. This gap is now being bridged by MyTVBuddy.


Special Launch Edition: Eurovision 2011

The first event that is covered on MyTVBuddy is Eurovision Song Contest which will take place on 10, 12 and 14th May. With over 120 million television viewers, Eurovision Song Contest confirms its status as Europe’s favorite TV show. MyTVBuddy brings the Eurovision experience closer to the fans with an integrated feature set. First, the fans are the jury since they can rate every performance. The result of the user votes is aggregated in the ‘Ranking’ section. Also the official ranking can be found here at the end of each show. Secondly, Eurovision fans will find all relevant and necessary information about the artists at their fingertips including picture galleries, video channels and the latest news updates.


MyTVBuddy brings Social TV experience to a higher level

Social media is the heart of MyTVBuddy. To enable the ultimate social TV companion for a perfect TV evening, MyTVBuddy combines a lot of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and a dedicated internal chat.

Uniquely integrated is the Twitter communication which gives the user immediate access to the Twitter streams of all artists. Fans can send direct messages to support their favorite performing artist. Finally, the most fun feature is the ’interactive map’: it shows where other MyTVBuddy fans are located. Get really social and start the conversation near you.


MyTVBuddy, a partnership between E-ZONE and MobileWeb

MyTVBuddy is an initiative of E-ZONE, a Brussels based group of interactive businesses. MobileWeb was in charge of the development of the iPad app. MobileWeb offers a Mobile Publishing Platform which allows media companies to quickly publish their content on smartphones and tablets.

As from today the MyTVBuddy iPad application can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Availability on other mobile platforms will be announced in the near future.

About MyTVBuddy

MyTVBuddy – MyTVBuddy, the first Pan European Social TV app on iPad to share your TV experiences.

MyTVBuddy brings Social TV to the next level of exploration, interaction, engagement and participation. Discover a variety of extra content about your favorite TV Shows and Sports Events. Share your experiences with your friends and millions of others. MyTVBuddy, the ultimate buddy for all your important live TV moments.